Chang Kyung-sup and The Logic of Compressed Modernity: A Review Article


  • Michael J. Seth



compressed modernity, South Korea, imperialism, familialism, education migration, chaebol, liberal democratic rhetoric, developmental state model, Cold War, postcolonial modernization


Chang Kyung-sup’s concept of “compressed modernity” is a useful and often insightful way of understanding contemporary South Korea. While a vast literature has been devoted to explaining the country’s extraordinary economic, social, and political transformation in the past few decades most of it fails to explain the anomalies that characterize South Korea. The author attempts to come up with a conceptualization of South Korea and its perpetual state of transformation that persuasively addresses the very anomalies of the country’s development and the issues that have been expressed by writers, artists, and filmmakers.




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Seth, Michael J. 2023. “Chang Kyung-Sup and The Logic of Compressed Modernity: A Review Article”. Korea Europe Review: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Politics, Society, and Economics, no. 5 (December). Berlin, Germany.